Chastford leverages technology for success

Technology greatly enhances the quality of service any competitive business operation offers. At Chastford, a logistics services and 3rd-party shipping provider, technology sets the stage for the white-glove treatment of incoming and outgoing deliveries.

Incoming shipments

Chastford is laser focused on products shipped to its facilities through its state-of-the-art technology. The advanced inventory management system easily tracks delivery, a process that can pose a massive challenge to business customers already overwhelmed by other operational concerns and product development.

The company’s goal is to save business clients from losing money. Without an effective processing and monitoring system, clients can quickly spiral into financial problems.

We understand how important it is to manage inventory, meet your customer expectations, and process incoming and outgoing deliveries,” according to the company’s website at “The goal is to not only complete all these tasks and more, but also do them well.”

In addition, the company takes it a step further, ensuring a secondary system monitors products, and notifies business clients about inventory levels and deliveries.

We don’t make this mistake of putting all our faith in one methodology,” Chastford states on its website. “We back up every automated process with physical hands-on inspections and count for verification.”

Role of technology

Industry competitors in the area of third-party shipping services, also depend heavily on technology in their operations. 

For example, Viabox, which focuses on package forwarding service, employs technology to automate package sorting and storage retrieval solutions. The company also uses technology to automatically provide notification when packages are delivered to customers.

Shipito, another package forwarding service provider, uses technology to track customers’ shipments when they arrive at their warehouses. The company also offers some automated features to customers.

Chastford, which offers a wider range of services, uses scanners and barcodes to track inventory. Unique labels are placed on items delivered to the company facility. This label and barcode guarantees that the company knows where the item is at all times and if that item requires special handling.

Outgoing shipments

When it comes to order fulfillment, Chastford is just as vigilant with outgoing shipment, which includes tracking, picking, packaging and deliveries.

Technology streamlines the delivery process as well as keeps business clients aware of inventory status. The technology is used to check inventory levels and expiration dates on products. The program allows the company to receive updates as soon as an item reaches a preset level. When that happens, business clients are notified and recommended to reorder needed items.

MyUS, a company that offers online shopping and package shipping services, incorporates technology in its operation. And like Chastford it notifies customers when orders are received and provides access to view and manage packages online. And when customers are ready to ship packages, they submit a ship request through the online account system.

At Chastford, customers have access to online tools, as well, to make changes to schedules and view inventory information. The technology also allows easy communications between staff and customers and staff and carriers.



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