What you should know about Bollinger bands in ETF trading

Bollinger bands are a technical indicator used by traders to identify possible price reversals and trends in the market. Initially developed by John Bollinger in the 1980s, these bands measure volatility and indicate overbought or oversold conditions.

When used correctly, Bollinger bands can help you make more informed trading decisions and improve your returns on investment. This article will discuss how these bands work and some strategies for using them in your ETF trading; see here for an explanation on the types of ETFs available in compliance with local regulations.

What are Bollinger Bands?

Bollinger Bands consist of three lines: an outer band, a middle band, and an inner band. The outer band is typically set at two standard deviations above and below a moving average of the price, while the middle band is set at this moving average. The inner band is set at a standard deviation below the moving average.

These bands can be used to identify potential reversals in market trends and estimate overbought or oversold conditions. When prices move outside of these bands, it can indicate that a reversal may be imminent. Conversely, when prices move closer to the centre line (the moving average), a trend may lose strength, and there could be an opportunity to profit from your position.

What is ETF trading?

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are an investment vehicle that allows you to trade a basket of assets in a single transaction. ETFs are similar to mutual funds, but they are listed on exchanges and can be bought and sold throughout the day like stocks.

Many ETFs track indexes, such as the S&P 500, which means that they aim to expose investors to a broad range of companies. However, some ETFs focus on specific sectors or regions, such as healthcare or emerging markets.

Identifying potential overbought or oversold conditions

By identifying when prices move outside of the Bollinger bands, you can better understand whether a market is overbought or oversold. When prices move outside the upper band, it can indicate that the market is overbought and ripe for a pullback. Similarly, when prices move below the lower band, it can signal that the market is oversold and may be due for a rebound.

Spotting potential trend reversals

Another use for Bollinger bands is to identify potential trend reversals. When prices move outside of the upper band and then return inside, it could signal that a downtrend is reversing into an uptrend. Similarly, if prices move below the lower band and then return inside, this could signal that an uptrend reverses into a downtrend.

Rotational trading

If you are looking to take advantage of both long and short trades, you could use Bollinger bands as a rotational trading strategy. By monitoring when prices move outside the bands, you can enter into a buy or sell position depending on whether prices have moved above or below the band. This type of approach can help you capture some profits from both trends in the market.

Identifying support and resistance levels

Bollinger bands can also identify potential support and resistance levels for your ETF positions. When prices rise back towards the middle line (the moving average), this could signal that a price level may act as support for the future. Similarly, when prices fall back towards the middle line, this could signal that a price level could act as resistance moving forward.

Using Bollinger bands in conjunction with other indicators

Finally, it can be helpful to use Bollinger bands in conjunction with other technical indicators or chart patterns if you want to maximise your ETF trading profits. For example, you may want to combine Bollinger band signals with momentum oscillators like RSI (relative strength index) or look for bullish and bearish engulfing patterns near necessary support and resistance levels. By experimenting with different strategies using multiple technical indicators, you can determine which approach best suits your individual needs and risk tolerance levels.

When using Bollinger bands, it is essential to remember that they are a tool to help you make informed trading decisions and not a guarantee of success. Do your research and always use stop-loss orders to protect your capital.

The bottom line

Bollinger bands can be a helpful tool for ETF traders looking to take advantage of market trends or time their entries and exits. As with any trading strategy, do your research and always use stop-loss orders to protect your capital.

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Pawnbroking Through Time

Pawnshops are the oldest forms of business dating back almost 3 millennia. The trade of pawnbroking has evolved with time to suit the different needs societies have. While some things might have changed over the years, the fundamentals have largely stayed the same. Here is a short history:

Pawnshops are run by individuals referred to as pawnbrokers. Pawnbrokers accept valuables pledged by customers as collateral for a short-term loan. Pawnbrokers will assess valuable items ranging from power tools to gold jewellery to determine how valuable they are. The pawnbroker will then based on the valuation offer a loan of a specific amount.

Pawnshops have become so ubiquitous in most communities but a lot of people don’t know that the origins of the business dates way back to ancient times.

Where did it all start?

There has been evidence of pawnbrokers in ancient times from ancient China, France, Italy, Greece, and ancient Roman civilization. Not only are pawnbroking ancient trades but it is one that was practiced widely in virtually every continent. There was a point during the 12th and 20th centuries that there were as many pawnshops in the UK as there were pubs.

Pawnbrokers were always regulated in some way or another.

Many ancient civilizations that had pawnbroking set up specific rules for pawnbrokers. Even the Jewish Torah has rules set out for pawnbroking. The trade appeared in early religions like Judaism and was adopted later on by Christian figures like Pope Leo X who became known for pawning a lot of his palace silver and furniture to pay for the things the church couldn’t provide him with.

The earliest pawnshops have been recorded in China in the 5th century. Back then Buddhist monasteries established and operated pawnshops to help the poor communities. Sometimes the pawnshops were used by wealthy people who would pawn things leaving them in these Buddhist pawnshops to avoid paying certain property taxes.

The pawnbroking trade then spread into the rest of the world. In England, even the monarchy pawned its valuables to finance certain projects. King Edward III pawned the crown jewels in 1338 to raise money for the war against France. King Henry V did the same in 1415.

Pawnbroking also played a role in voyages that led to the discoveries made by the famed Christopher Columbus. It is said, the Spanish Queen Isabella pawned her jewellery to fund the voyage of the three ships Niña, Santa Maria, and Pinta that went on to discover the Americas.

Pawn Shops around the Globe

A lot has changed since the 5th Century when pawnshops were owned by Buddhist monasteries. The business has always been about fair trade and easy access for people who need it the most. The Catholic church for instance mandated that interest rates charges for the poor be reasonable. In England, pawnshops, or Lombards as they were known, were funded by the state and forbidden from charging interest. That, however, proven to be unsustainable and different ideas were tried until the government settled on allowing shops to charge a 1.6% interest rate per month.

The business of pawnbroking has grown and spread throughout the world. Each country has its own rules and interest rates. For instance, pawnshops in American charge an average of 4% interest per month on a 4-month pawn contract. In Russia, Pawnbrokers are only allowed to buy and sell precious metals and precious gems.

Pawnshops have been around for a while in Australia. They are regulated by the state laws and operate under licences that coversthem as money lenders as well as purveyors of second-hand goods. Customers need to be 18 years or older to pawn or sell anything at a pawnshop. For many, pawnshops provide a financial lifeline that a lot of other institutions cannot provide and it is for this reason that this trade will prevail for more generations.

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Is Moneylenders safe?

How Safe Are Online Money Lenders in 2021 - Nerdynaut

It has been quite an issue of trust on the moneylenders for years. It is due to the unlicensed or Illegal money lenders present in the market. These unlicensed firms have mistreated the borrowers in the past, causing a trust issue among them. 

Here a question arises, is moneylenders safe? A licenced moneylender is government-controlled and always trustworthy. Here we have discussed some points regarding the safety of borrowing money from licenced moneylenders. 

The law governs licensed Moneylenders:

Licenced Money Lending is controlled and governed by the law. Including terms and conditions to the contract, everything is gone through government agencies and kept in the best interest of borrowers.

The Moneylenders Act protects not only the borrowers but also the loaners. It controls the unsecured loans, unauthorised firms, advertisements and gives access to borrowers to check the authentication of the firms.

Most importantly, moneylenders act to protect a borrower in the following way

  • Against any threatening action or abusive language. 
  • Requesting any kind of ID password details 
  • Withholding important documents, including ATMs, ids, Passports etc.
  • Approving the loan without examining the documents. 
  • Imposing the charges, which was not discussed at the time of the loan issue.
  • Issuing loans without giving loan contracts, etc.

Unsecured loans 

Unsecured loans are those in which the borrower has mortgaged no property or asset to the loaner in case of fault. In such scenarios, the government has restricted the loan amount to nearly six times the borrower’s income. 


Licensed moneylenders are very professional and controlled by the government. In collecting the amount, they do not harass or employ such tactics. Such repayments are handled by professional debt collectors when there is no consideration of court proceedings. These collectors are obliged to government Agencies that ensure professional behaviour in the collection of amounts. Also, Harassment or intimidating a client with or without the approval of government Agencies is unlawful activity.

Although licenced Moneylending is safe, one should know how to identify and distinguish between licenced and unlicensed firms. Also, instead of the available and accessible information, many fraud cases have been seen. To control these cases, Police have issued information about illegal moneylenders. Everyone should be aware of these. 

Scams related to Moneylending:

The best way to avoid the money lending scams is to get connected with the safest and top money lending firms, like CRAWFORT PRIVATE LIMITED.

Receiving messages from illegal organizations claiming to be a part of the licenced firm, asking for an advance amount to clear the loans.

Victims receive a PDF version of the documentation in other forms, which looks like authorized papers and are asked to pay GST payment or processing amount. 

Instructions to avoid scams:

  1. No licenced firm will send text messages or calls to public members.
  2. A loan process may start online by a licenced firm, but the approval of the individual and the documents should be done personally at the office of the licenced money lending firm as it is compulsory for the firm to have a physical office and proceed with any money lending only after the approval of the client in person. The public has to make sure that before this physical approval, they do not proceed with any kind of payment to the firm. 
  3. Public has to be careful in paying anything to money lenders before the loan is granted. These illegal firms may ask you to pay in any form, and it may be GST amount, processing fees, admin fees before the loan are granted. After the loan allotment, a licenced firm may ask you for administrative fees, but that too can be deducted from the principal loan amount. 
  4. No calls or messages should be entertained as advertisements from money lending firms. Also, such calls should be reported and blocked. 
  5. Never give out your personal details or ATM card details on such calls.

Finding a licensed money lender is very important while you are planning to take your personal loan, car loan, or any other loan because license moneylenders abide by the government regulations which perform under a set of rules. You should always check for their verification and id’s.

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Top 5 Tips for Pension Planning if you’re Self-Employed

As a self-employed individual, you would realise that you won’t have the financial cushion to secure your retirement life government employees. So, when it comes to retirement plans, you must prioritise planning for it before it’s too late. Other than planning and executing plans for your business, it is essential `to think about how you will spend your retirement without having to worry about money. We have specific tips and tricks that will help you plan your retirement if you own a business.

  1. Set a budget

Setting a budget is one of the most important things to do if you are self-employed. Establishing your personal and professional budgets will help you achieve the monetary goal that you have wanted to accomplish for a long time. Hence, without a doubt, if you are particular about the amount you want to set aside each month for your retirement, there will be nothing stopping you from having a stress-free retirement. Set aside at least six months of the overhead budget at first and then keep adding some amount every month for an even better result at the end.

  1. Invest accordingly

Your business is not just a means to your paycheque; it can also turn into your nest egg for your future. It would be best to keep in mind certain things before treating your business as your future support. Invest your profits into the business and take a little less from it today for a profitable tomorrow. Exit/sell your business at the right time when you think it is beneficial, and don’t wait around for your company to make more profit after a few years because that rarely ever happens—exit when the time is right.

  1. A small start goes a long way

A small amount can turn into more significant if invested correctly. Investing a small amount every month and increasing it as per your business’s profits will change your retirement plan and turn it into the most comfortable retirement ever. The small amount you have decided to dedicate to your retirement investment can be anything; that’s up to you. But make sure you increase the amount as soon as your start earning profit. It will only make your retirement plan better.

  1. Pay a fixed amount to yourself every month

Savings is important. If you don’t save as soon as you start earning, you will have a stressful time during your future years. And if you are self-employed, it can be difficult living on a fixed salary even when your business is doing well. But it is vital to avoid overspending your money. The more money you invest in a pension scheme, the better your options to spend in the future. So, choose wisely.

  1. Keep yourself and your family first

Your business is essential, no doubt about that. But you are more critical, so it is important to prioritize yourself and your plans. As per the experts, self-employed people tend to invest all the money back in their business and only keep a certain amount aside for their expenses. Hence, keeping aside a certain amount for your health insurance and retirement plan must become a priority.

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First-time Vehicle Buying: A Helpful Guide by having an Easy Vehicle Shopping Experience

Our planet within the COVID-19 era has trained us to obtain self-dependent. The getting the car in 2021 means safety, convenience, and independence. Vehicle buying is most likely the best steps while re-walking in to the earth publish Novel Coronavirus. And, buying a vehicle the very first time may appear exciting and overwhelming concurrently. You have to choose the logo and cope with auto financing too. However, while using proper buying guide, selecting the most effective first vehicle becomes fun and simple.

Basic Finance Terms For Small Business Owners | See Girl Work

Don’t concern yourself about investing in a vehicle by yourself. The next points can help you make wise decisions. Keep these things inside your ideas if you choose to purchase your first vehicle.

  1. Establish your allowance

Understand your funds before researching a vehicle. Consider questions for example: Have you got enough earnings to create regular payments? Can you really pay an upfront amount as being a lower payment? What’s the quantity of vehicle loan that you desire? Take into account your income, expenses, and savings. And, understand if you can to make use of the remainder towards payments. You can take the help of online vehicle loan calculators that will help you to discover your financial budget. Therefore, create a great idea and don’t spend over our limits round the vehicle.

  1. Focus on Your Credit Report

Your credit report may be the primary component that decides the kind of vehicle loan you obtain. Begin by acquiring your credit history and make certain it’s accurate. Many first-time vehicle buyers might be a new comer to credit and may possibly not have received an opportunity to determine their credit rating. For first-time vehicle buyers with zero credit rating or no credit rating, ensure to get a co-signer. A co-signer through an outstanding credit rating improves the likelihood of you qualifying for the vehicle loan.

L&T Finance share price: Trending stocks: L&T Finance shares climb over 3%  - The Economic Times

  1. Pick a Second Hands Vehicle

A totally new vehicle is generally more pricey and attracts a larger-rate of interest in comparison to another hands vehicle. If you’re students trying to commute for that college, you can pick a second hands vehicle. Automobiles which are under 5 years old have similar features as new cars but they are available less costly than new cars. Choose certified pre-owned cars. Be cautious a pre-approved vehicle loan planning on buying another hands vehicle. Choose vehicles which have warranties and steer obvious of lemons.

An initial vehicle is considered because the memorable upgrade on anybody. Ensure that you pick the best vehicle because it will be with you for almost any extended time. You’ll experience several new stuff together including road journeys and commuting for that that you. SoArticle Submission, be sure that you negotiate the journey into acquiring the best bargain when you buy your car the very first time.

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The Main Among Term Loans and Credit lines

Whether you utilize a power outlet stand or maybe a sizable corporation, there frequently comes an event whenever your organization needs funding to develop, bridge earnings gaps or differentiate themselves out of your competitors. For business proprietors, there are numerous options for financing. In age Fintech and digital banking, there’s more presently available than there’s ten years ago, out of your traditional local banks to new online alternative lenders..

Fintech disruptors are helping in the fight against financial poverty |  World Finance

Considering the variety of choices, it will always be challenging and time-consuming to obtain the right funding options for your business. Below, we’ll check out two most searched for-after business financing options: terms loans versus. Credit lines.

terms loans versus. Credit lines

A manifestation loan usually offers funding within the single payment of capital that borrowers need to pay retrace a particular period of time by getting an intention rate, which can be fixed or variable. Obtaining a phrase loan, your repayment will begin when you secure financing, which payments will most likely be for sale the set schedule, between daily and weekly to bi-monthly and monthly.

A credit line works much like a charge card. It is among the most flexible business financing products presently available. Obtaining a credit line, the lent funds provider will extend you some credit that you will draw against whenever as well as for any business purpose. This loan is a useful one of revolving credit, meaning in case you spend the money for debt, your original borrowing limit reveals again and you will draw against it when you wish.

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Highlights of Term Loans and Credit Lines

While flexible capital, lenders, and short-term choices typically the most popular things between term loans and credit lines, these loans have many things.

Uses: Term loans are perfect for specific business expenses for example opening a totally new location, purchasing equipment, refinancing existing debt while credit lines are perfect for a ongoing operating expense for example bills, payrolls, and periodic expenses.

Rate Of Interest: The interest rate for term loans may be between 8% to 30% while for credit lines from 7% to 25%.

Amount Given: It could vary from $25,000 to $500,000 for term loans and $10,000 close to $countless for credit lines.

Terms: Probably the most tenure might be five years for term loans and credit lines.

Qualification Needs: The most used should be qualified for just about any:

Term Loans

680  credit rating

Three-year business history

$300K plus annual revenue

Credit Lines

630  credit rating

Twelve several days of financial history

$180K plus annual revenue

Charges: Prepayment penalties, origination charges, packaging charges, and even more may apply with term loans while inactivity charges, draw charges, withdrawal minimums and even more may apply with credit lines.

Which suits Your Business?

For individuals who’ve got thus far, you are most likely wondering which business financing option may well be more appropriate for your business.

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How to get lower Cable Television and Internet Bill?

Cable Television bills have seen an increase recently. All researches and reports show these bills are becoming quicker than inflation. The growing prices brought to individuals switched their attention towards alternative route of family and individual entertainment. The emergence of streaming devices as well as other streaming services diverted everybody attention towards themselves.

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Nonetheless, should you cut the cable, there is a inclination to sign up in many other services, which results in an increase online bills. Therefore, instead of cutting the cord, get hold of your cable television provider and add limited live TV options. Returning cable television does not mean that you simply keep getting to cover a bigger cost than you need to.

Disregard the extras

Begin with checking your cable television bill. Identify all of the costs that count as premium services. Extra movie channels, undesirable premium programming, etc. Have a very minute to consider their costs and evaluate if you can to do with out them.

Many people believe that cutting reduced your quality services may be beneficial. It might look like advisable nonetheless it’s not. Talk to something representative in greater detail whenever you decrease your telephone loose, thinking your mobile is sufficient.

There’s one service you can’t imagine living without: the internet! Nobody is suggesting that you simply cure it. Just look at the internet speed that you will want. Generally, people get yourself a internet connection because of the fact faster sounds good. Then you’ve a really faster connection when compared with factor you will need and they are getting to cover greater than you need to. Assess, think, and modify, as needed. Obtaining a slower internet connection that aptly fulfills your requirements will considerably decrease your bill.

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Eliminate Rental charges

Checking your cable bill can reveal lots of new information. While you’re advertising online search for the heading that states, Equipment Rentals. That’s one factor that you simply keep dealing with cover however, you shouldn’t. It does not appear provider you subscribed to, all uses some equipment and a lot of use a similar type. So, this really is frequently a location to create lower your bill.

Most providers charge something around $8 by having an internet router. Now, this you’ll be able to avoid. Achieve the providers’ website to check out a compatible router and purchase it permanently. You’ll be able to buy one within $60. That way you’ll save some money. Small components will form up a respectable amount inside the finish of the year.

Bundle up

We’ve briefly spoken regarding this within the first suggestion. Just about any household uses cable television, internet, and call. Why don’t you get all-in-one provider. Bundling them together provides you with lots of comfort and ease. Furthermore, it you can get to certainly save a good amount of cash.

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