November 12, 2022


The 28” Blackstone Griddle with Hood – Find It in BBQs 2u

Gone are the times when grilled food items were available only in nearby BBQ destinations. With the introduction of many options, people are enjoying cooking their favourite food items on many skewers and this is all thanks to the BBQs 2u retailers. They are in business for many decades and have allowed their customers to purchase the product of their choice designed by many big brand names. One such brand names are Blackstone Griddles. 

Blackstone Griddle is one such name that has made quite a sensation in the world of grills, barbeques, and ovens. By joining hands with BBQs 2u, they have made their products known worldwide, and their inventions are getting sold like hot pieces of cake. All their products are designed with easy-to-cook options. 

The 28 inches griddle manufactured by Blackstone Griddle is one of the many options that are available for purchase in BBQs 2u. This unit is installed with two different cooking zones to make the cooking more versatile for the users. The whole unit is available with a hood to keep the food warm and also evenly cooked within a limited time. The smoky air circulation inside the unit makes the food items get a smoky flavour in them, after cooking. 

Many features of Blackstone Original 28in Griddle With Hood include burners made of stainless steel to heat the unit as early as possible. The in-built grease management system will allow fat to escape from the unit while cooking anything greasy such as steaks, chicken, lamb, fish, and so on. Hence, it is easier for users to clean the whole unit after each usage, as there is no greasiness in the unit. 

Every purchase of this 28” griddle unit comes with a manufacturer warranty of more than a year. The cooking area is expanded to as much width as possible to be in compatibility with the overall dimension of the unit, and this factor has made it easier for the users to enjoy cooking as many food items as possible at a time. 

The added benefit of purchasing a 28” Blackstone Griddle unit from BBQs 2u is that the buyers can find all the required accessories in one place. The available accessories include a cover for the unit, a kit with the required number of spatulas of many sizes, a separate breakfast kit, a set of cleaning tools for the ease of cleaning the whole unit after each usage, a cast iron seasoning and conditioner to keep the unit in its best condition, and so on. The buyers can add anything and everything from this list to their cart during the purchase. 

The 28” griddle unit of Blackstone Griddle available in BBQs 2u is ideal for such people that are looking for more than just a regular grill in their backyard. This unit is an excellent upgrade for any regular grilling unit that is available in the market today. Its push-button igniter is like an added uniqueness to the whole unit. 

The buyers interested in having this 28” griddle unit in their backyard can visit the official webpage of BBQs 2u to make their purchase. Hurry today. 

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