5 Aesthetic Services That Can Improve Your Skin and Body Appearance

Aging is a natural process that manifests facial flaws that reduce your beautiful appearance. You cannot stop natural aging but slow it down, especially if it comes too early. At sugar land rapha health and wellness, you can find several aesthetic services that effectively eliminate aging signs. Aesthetic services are mostly minimally invasive, and some may require more than one treatment session to achieve desired results and maintain them. Depending on your skin goals, your doctor will recommend an aesthetic service to address your concern. Here are five such aesthetic services you can enjoy to improve your appearance.


Dermal fillers are nonsurgical cosmetic procedures that you receive to smooth lines, plump up wrinkles, and restore facial volume. You can choose dermal fillers if you desire to regain your youthful appearance. Your body loses collagen as you age, leading to loose skin and loss of volume, which then causes your skin to sag. During treatment with a dermal filler, your doctor will cleanse your face and then use a thin needle to inject small amounts of dermal fillers under your skin. You may notice results right away, but it may depend on the treatment you received.


You can go for a Botox injection to address aging signs, including wrinkles and fine lines in your eyebrows, forehead, jawline, chin, lips, and neck. You will not require any special preparations for your injection except avoiding alcohol and not drinking for 24 hours. During the procedure, your doctor will inject small amounts of Botox in different spots of your treatment area. After your first treatment session, you can schedule other sessions to maintain the results of your Botox injections.

Chemical Peel

During a chemical peel procedure, your doctor applies a chemical solution to your skin to remove the top layers of your skin. Chemical peels treat skin discoloration, wrinkles, and facial scars. The depth of a chemical peel procedure will depend on the issue you want to address. Your doctor will recommend a light chemical peel to treat fine wrinkles and uneven skin tone. A medium chemical peel will remove skin cells from the dermal layer of the skin. A deep chemical peel will penetrate your skin cells deeper to remove wrinkles and precancerous growths.


Your doctor may recommend this cosmetic procedure to promote new collagen production to help you achieve smooth and toned skin. Microneedling can reduce wrinkles, dark spots, and large pores.


Your doctor can recommend cryotherapy, which involves freezing in extremely cold temperatures to destroy abnormal tissue. Cryotherapy is especially effective if stubborn fat areas do not respond to dieting and exercise. After freezing the stubborn fat tissue, it will die, and then your immune system will help your body clear out the tissue.

Several cosmetic injectables exist to help reduce the appearance of facial flaws as you undergo the natural aging process. You can achieve a younger appearance with Botox, microneedling, chemical peels, dermal fillers, and cryotherapy. Treatment with Botox will require only one appointment, while others may require several sessions spaced apart. After treatment, you may achieve immediate results as you wait for optimal results, which may take up to a few months. You will follow your doctor’s instructions on caring for your skin and attending checkup sessions to follow up on your progress.