Five Tips For Going On Your First Camping Trip

Going camping for the first time and don’t know where to start preparing? Calm down; we at Real NOB Hotel will help you. Grab a pen and paper and write down our tips:

1 – Choose Your Location Carefully

If this is your first-time camping, prefer a campsite with a little more structure, such as bathrooms, showers, sockets, barbecues, or communal kitchens. Avoid very isolated places, so you don’t have problems if there are any unforeseen events. When you are already a veteran of camping, you can start looking for places that are more remote and without any structure. But it’s important to take one step at a time.

2 – Test The Assembly Of The Tent At Home

Don’t put the tent up for the first time at camp like such as hot ground gym for example. Test the step-by-step before leaving home, so you will arrive at your destination more safely when performing the assembly, and you will already be familiar with the equipment. Imagine arriving at the campsite and not knowing what to do with that bunch of sticks, tarps, and stakes. Not good, is it? If you have difficulties, look for tips on the internet by the brand and model of your equipment. This is a good time to check that you have all the necessary accessories.

3 – Choose A Good Place To Set Up The Tent

Upon arriving at the campsite or Best Adult Birthday Party Places for example, walk around the site to choose the best spot to set up the tent. Avoid setting up the tent on slopes, near rivers or lakes, and in areas with a high density of trees. Likewise, notice where the water will accumulate in case of rain and also pay special attention to sleep so as not to set up the tent on top of rocks or tree roots.

4 – Use Suitable Equipment And Clothing For Camping

Before leaving home, research the weather during your stay at the chosen camping spot. For wild spots, don’t forget to pack suitable hiking shoes. Having a waterproof jacket or raincoat is also important, as you never know when it might rain. The backpack is also essential for any camping trip, as you will need to carry equipment and, eventually, extra clothes or food during the tours.

5 – Make A Checklist Of Essential Items

The first step to headache-free camping is ensuring no important items are left behind. So, make a list of everything important and ensure all items have been put in the backpack. Check out some tips: rechargeable batteries for electronic devices, this includes cell phones, radios, and flashlights, among others. Garbage bags, repellents, and toilet paper must also be up to date in your suitcase. Another thing that is always good is a lighter and a first aid kit.