How to Install Wall To Wall Carpets

Installing wall-to-wall carpets is a great way to add convenience, warmth, and comfort to your home or office. Some people feel it is like a daunting task, but with the right tools and a little bit of know-how, it can be done easily by anyone. Here are some steps I’m showing you to install wall-to-wall carpets easily.

Step 1: Measure the Space

You need to measure the space to determine how much carpet you will need before you begin installing your carpet. Measure the length and width of the room accurately and multiply the two to get the square footage. It’s always a great idea to add an extra 10% to your measurements to account for any mistakes or waste.

Step 2: Prepare the Room

After measuring your room or specific space. Next, you need to prepare the room for installation. Remove any furniture, baseboards, old carpet, or padding. Sweep or vacuum the floor to ensure that the space is properly clean and free of debris.

Step 3: Install the Padding

After preparing the room, wall-to-wall carpets need padding to protect the carpet and provide cushioning underfoot. Roll out the padding perpendicular to the direction you plan to lay the carpet. Cut the padding to fit the room, leaving a few inches extra around the perimeter. The edges of the padding should be together and with carpet tape, tape them. Finally, trim any excess padding around the edges of the room with a utility blade or knife.

Step 4: Lay Out the Carpet

Unroll the carpet and let it adjust to the room temperature for at least 24 hours. Begin by laying the carpet over the padding, making sure that it’s centered and straight. Cut the carpet to size, leaving a few inches extra around the perimeter. Use a utility knife to cut along the edge of the wall, and around any obstacles like doors or vents.

Step 5: Attach the Carpet to the Tack Strips

After laying out the carpet, the next step is to attach the carpet to the tack strips. Tack strips are thin pieces of wood with sharp tacks that grip the carpet backing. Install the tack strips around the perimeter of the room, leaving a 1/2-inch gap between the strip and the wall. Place the carpet over the tack strips, making sure it’s tight against the wall. Use a knee kicker to stretch the carpet over the tack strip and use a carpet trimmer to trim the excess carpet along the wall.

Step 6: Finish Up

Finally, trim any excess piece of carpet along the doorways or around any other obstacles. Reinstall the baseboards, and any other furniture you removed earlier for installing the carpet.


Installing wall-to-wall carpets is not as difficult as it seems, especially if you follow these steps properly. With a little bit of preparation, some patience, proper instructions, and the right tools, you can have a beautiful, soft touch, and comfortable carpets in your home or office.