This winter, the gas problem is gripping people tightly. In the nation, gas heaters heat the living areas around each second of the home. This year, an excessive amount of these consumers had to deal with price hikes. As a consequence, the price of some properties has nearly doubled. Warmool’s maker asserts that its fan heaters offer an approach to this issue. Since the fan warmer runs on electrical power, apartments may be made warmer without the need for pricey gas like natural gas. The Warmool fan heater is recommended by the company that produces it for spaces no larger than 20 square meters due to its dimensions of 22 x 16 x 14 cm.

Here are two distinct warming modes with a maximum power rating of 1 200 watts to select from. Everything else that is known regarding the item in question is included in the description that follows.

Technical information about the Warmool

  • Heaters with ceramics fan
  • Power supply through a mains outlet; 1200 watts is the maximum output
  • There are two options for warming
  • The heat produced in a matter of seconds
  • Ideal for spaces up to twenty square meters.
  • Selecting between two hues
  • Optional anti-tilt safety
  • Measurements: 22 by 16 by 14 cm
  • 870 g in weight.

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The Warmool Heater’s and its Rating

The Warmool fan heater’s price-performance ratio is the first factor to take into account. It should be mentioned that there are no additional expenses even if the Warmool itself is the sole item included in the delivery scope. Thus, as soon as the goods are received, they may be opened and used. All required to begin with the initial scenario is a functioning electrical socket. However, there are extra costs associated with using an electric fan warmer. Here, electrical usage is being discussed. The sticker price of your existing tariff has a major influence on how much these fees end up becoming. Given the recent spike in petrol costs, using energy to create heat might result in financial savings.

They now move on to discuss the Warmool appliance’s method of producing heat. The heater’s foundation is a ceramic fan. This suggests that air in the space is drawn in, heated up, and then expelled again. As a result, warm air is felt in the vicinity of the heaters. Fan warmers function similarly to a fan in this state of operation. It is useful to think about the ideal location for the mini-heater in this regard. This holds for the mains plug as well. If the outlet is not close by, the distance of the wire can need you to have an extra extender cable available.