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What Are A Few Tips To Unblock Drains Without Professional Help

Cleaning drains is very significant for any household. Rodents, blockages, and damages are part and parcel of any drains. There are various ways to unblock drains Molesey without professional help. Professionals charge more as they use high-end equipment and take a lot of time. If your drains seem to work moderately, it’s better to clean them yourself. Here are a few tips on how to clear blocked drains. But before getting into the information, let’s know how to verify if your gutters are clear or blocked.

  • A high water bill indicates blocked drains. The water bill rises when water is used more, indirectly related to blocked drains. Blocked drains make water flow resistant, which takes more time to reach the tap. Because of the consumption of more time, the water bill increases.
  • If taps are on high speed and yet water is running slowly, then it means that waste materials block water flow in the drains.
  • Moisture on the floor or walls where drains are located is also a sign of blocked drains. Due to congested drains, water stagnates at one place and leaks due to overflow creating moisture.
  • A foul smell is produced due to waste accumulated at one place in a drain. To unblock drains Molesey, it’s crucial to identify blocked drains through bad smells.
  • Water or leakage sounds even when the taps are switched off indicate blocked drains.

Tips To Clear Blocked Drains

Let’s know how to clear blocked drains without professional help.

Use A Steel Spear To Clean The Blockage

Professionals use highly advanced equipment to clean blocked drains. But as we are trying to clean gutters without help, it’s better to use steel or iron spears to clean the blockage. Use a u-hook spear, send it into the drain, and remove the blockage by pushing and pulling the spear. Make sure to use a long rod to ensure it reaches the end of the jam to remove it altogether. You can either disturb the blockage and pour water with force to clear it or pull the dirt above and throw it away. It’s better to disrupt the waste and pour water as it is easy and doesn’t create much mess.

Using Chemicals On The Blockage

To unblock drains Molesey, chemicals are also an option. Most of the time, blockage occurs due to plastic waste. As these items stagnate in one place, clearing them by burning them is an ideal choice. Caustic soda and vinegar are termed to be the best medicine for blockages. Mix caustic soda with vinegar and pour it into the drains. Let it settle for a bit, and pour hot water to move the waste down the drain.

Now that we know how to clear blocked drains, let’s look at a guide to avoiding drain blocks.

  • Flush enough water whenever you throw heavy dust particles.
  • Never let hair or plastic waste flow through the drains.
  • Use a mesh to avoid blockages due to accumulation and clean it whenever it’s complete.

So, these are the tips to unblock drains Molesey without professional help.