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What is energy efficient blackout curtain?

When most people think of the darkening curtains of the room, they focus on the curtain light blocking properties. Also called “blackout curtains“, these window treatments are considered more frequently on how to make a dark room for a home or media room cinema, or how to block the light of a bedroom to allow a better dream during the day. And although these types of curtains are excellent for, for example, making a dark room for young people who take a nap in the afternoon, or whose time of bed is before sunset, there is another benefit that is often not mentioned.

Save money with blackout curtains

What most people do not realize is that blackout curtains can also help you save money. They provide isolation for the windows and provide benefits in both summer and winter. It is an additional advantage, because people who buy this type of curtains generally do not think about the characteristics that save money from them, but discover them very quickly once they install them.

Block heat and cold with a blackout curtain

In summer, the most obvious and largest benefit comes from the fact that hot, direct, and intense sunlight can be blocked from a room during the day (or the house if you use the blackout curtains in more than one room). This can easily reduce the temperature of those rooms by 10 or 15 degrees Fahrenheit, reducing the need to execute the air conditioning all day.

In winter, the opposite effect is true. Of course, during the day, you want to leave your curtains open to let the sun in. This increases temperature naturally, without paying to heat. However, at night, the greatest source of heat loss from any home is through the windows. Because the blackout curtains tend to be thicker and heavier than regular curtains, act like a blanket in the windows. This is especially true for the off curtains that have a solid rubber coating on the window side. But regardless of whether it is lined, or simply made of the densest material, they can drastically reduce the amount of heat lost during the night. This further reduces the money necessary to pay to heat.

Then, regardless of the season, these curtains can help make a difference in meaning in their heating and cooling invoices. If they are a little more expensive than originally budgeted, they can be paid over time.