November 2021


What is the syllabus for HP Police Constable Exam? How much salary is offered to HP Police constable?

Himachal Pradesh State Police conduct examinations to hire constables in the State. The vacancies for police constable are coming from next month. Candidates can get the complete syllabus of any competitive exam along with exam patterns on this portal. Before applying for the HP police constable exam, candidates must know the syllabus. Today we are going to explain everything subject-wise about the HP police such as constable syllabus, exam pattern, eligibility, and provide salary to the constable. The Himachal Pradesh police department has announced to appoint a total number of 1334 HP Police Constable vacancies for Himachal Pradesh state. 

 There are some important criteria to keep in mind before applying for this test.

  •  Applicants should be a minimum of 18 to 23 for the general and  18-25 for ST/SC and others.
  •  Minimum 12 passed out from a recognized school board.
  • Questions will be asked from English, Hindi, Maths,  General Awareness, and Reasoning Aptitude subjects.
  • A total of 16 questions from each subject will be asked.
  •  The whole syllabus of the Himachal Pradesh Police Constable will be based on 10+2 level Only.
  •  Minimum Qualifying score for ST and SC Candidates are 40% 
  • Whereas General and other categories have to score a minimum of 50 % to qualify for this exam. 
  • The overall time duration is 60 minutes to attempt a total of 80 questions. 
  • The exam will be taken through paper pen mode offline. 
  • The question paper will be based on multiple question type 
  • No Negative marking for incorrect answers.

HP Police Constable Selection Process

The candidates who are applying for police constable under Himachal Pradesh police will go through the entire HP Police Constable Selection Process which is as follows: 

Sr.NoTest Level
1Writing examination 
2Physical standard test
3Physical Efficiency Test
4Medical test
5Personality test
6Character verification

Candidates have to satisfy all the above eligibility criteria to become police constables of Himachal Pradesh. 

Syllabus for HP Police Constable Exam

The whole syllabus step by step subject-wise along with its covered topics below.

(1)English This section will Contain Phrases, Comprehension, Voice, Fill in the Blanks, Error Detection, Grammar, Synonyms, Antonyms, Vocabulary, Plural Forms, Tenses, Translation of Sentences,  Correction of Sentences, etc.
(2)General Awareness General Awareness includes all the elements related to Countries & Capitals, Sports, Abbreviations, Budget and Five Year Plans Important Days and Date, Current Affairs – National and InternationalImportant Financial and Economic News, Books and Authors, Science: Inventions  Discoveries, International & National Organizations 
(3)Hindi मुहावरे और वाक्यांश।, शब्दावली।, समानार्थक शब्द।,  . विलोम शब्द।, एक शब्द प्रतिस्थापन।, बोध मार्ग, आदि।, 
(4)Reasoning Coding-Decoding, Decision Making, Judgment, Directions, Analogies, Arithmetical Reasoning, Syllogistic Reasoning, Cubes and Dice, Non-Verbal Series, Mirror Images, Alphabet Series, Problem Solving, Visual Memory, Clocks & Calendars, Number Series, etc.

(5)Quantitative Aptitude Topics:-Time and Distance, Percentage, Data Interpretation, Ratio and Time, Mixtures & Allegations, Fundamental Arithmetical Operations, Average, Discount, Ratio and Proportion, Interest, Number Systems, Profit & Loss, Decimals & Fractions, Time & Work, etc.

Himachal Police Constable Exam Pattern 

  1. Written test (WT)

All the written tests will be conducted on the same day at various exam centers of the state. HP police constable exam consists of objective type multiple choice questions (MCQ).  A total number of 80 questions will be asked in the HP police constable exam 2021. There is a total number of 5 subjects containing a set of 16  questions Equally. No negative marking for the wrong attempt. 

We have evaluated detailed information subject containing marks through the table below.

Sr. NoSubjectNo.of Ques.Marks
3General Knowledge1616
4Mathematics & Science1616
8Reasoning Aptitude1616

HP Police Physical Standard Test (PST)

  •  Candidates who will pass out the written exam will be listed in the preliminary qualifier. After completing this stage candidates have to appear for a written review.
  • The ideal age limit is 18-23 years for general candidates and 18-25 years for ST, SC, Gorkha, and others.
  • The chest measurement should be 31*32 inches for general and 29*30 inches for ST SC and others.
  •  Height for male candidates should be 5.6 inches for general/OBC and 5.4 inches for ST, SC, and others.
  • The ideal Height for females is 5.2inch for the general and OBC categories.  Whereas the ST/SC and others should have at least 5 feet.

Character Verification

  •  Following the medical test applicants must undergo a character verification process.
  •  Candidates who qualify for every stage successfully are eligible to take this test.
  •  This is the final process of selection of constables under the police department.
  •  This process is examined by District Police to assess the character of the applicant.
  • This is done to verify whether the applicant had engaged himself/herself in any anti-national activities. Or there are any police cases registered against them.
  •  If Anything suspicious is found against the candidate, he or she will lose a chance to appear for any government examination in the future.

HP Police Constable Salary 

  •  The starting pay scale of a constable will be in between INR 5910/- to 20200/- and additional grade pay is INR  1900/-
  •  The pay scale of a constable is almost similar in all the states


So these were the stages and syllabus through which Himachal Pradesh police hire the constable for the police department in the state. The applicant must ensure physical eligibility, and all related criteria to be fulfilled. One can achieve a really good score by following the proper syllabus under the guidance and by themself with BYJU’s Exam Prep.  Before appearing in the test, check the subjects you are good or bad at. This will help you to understand your abilities. The syllabus is almost easy, which is covered in everyone’s 12th, and also it is the basics. Aptitude can be a little difficult for those who are weak in maths. Still, everything is possible to achieve with the right strategy and preparation techniques.

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How to handpick the cost-effective wedding ring from the jeweler?

Probably you are here to get a thorough idea for shopping for your wedding ring. There’s nothing as exciting as preparing for proposing your partner on the auspicious day of your life. Besides making it romantic, make sure to do all the right things to consider it worthwhile buying.  Don’t get distressed if you can’t afford thousand dollars on buying the ring. Contrary to the conventional practices, opt for an affordable yet amazing wedding ring for showing your significant other with actual awesomeness.

Whether shopping for vintage collections or affordable engagement rings, shop from Alexander Sparks to get a wide collection of gemstones. Before heading towards the ornamental shop, read out this comprehensive guide to find the ultimate wedding ring for your soulmate.

Here are the 9 greatest tips for having an affordable buying experience of your wedding ring from Alexander Sparks.

9 expert tips for shopping budget wedding ring

  1. Take correct measurements of ring fingers

This is the most obvious suggestion for making the rings well fitted on the fingers. Thus, before going out shopping for a wedding ring, get the right measurement of the ring finger of your better half. You will not present a ring that’s too tight to hamper the normal blood circulation or too loose to fall out.

  • Set a budget in mind

Either go for platinum, diamond, or gemstone ring. It would be wise to decide on estimated expenses. Whenever you set the overall financial plan for your wedding, make sure to add your wedding ring’s budget to make it the easy one for successful implantation. Your other budget estimation will help you decide how much you can spend on buying a ring. For getting a breathtaking ring, it won’t cost a lot.

  • Pick out a metal wedding band

Going with the traditions, you can avail a variety of wedding rings made from gold, platinum, and silver. However, looking at the recent trends, you can realize the prevalence of rose gold as the most demanding one. Some people also love to buy platinum as it’s one of the most expensive and alluring metals you can ever obtain. Never opt for metals that are more prone to scratches for securing long shelf life. Before narrowing down the desirable metal, make your lifestyle into consideration for keeping the ring very well.

  • Ask your significant other

For getting the most preferred wedding ring, you must take the consent of your better half. Instead of running after buying a pocket-burning wedding ring, have a joint discussion to know the other person’s willingness, preference, styles sense, and type of metals they are passionate about. It’s best to select a ring that makes your partner happy all the time.

  • Consider a carat size

If you prefer quantity over quality, you can go for a ring with larger stones. If quality does matter for you, pay attention to the clarity of your chosen diamond ring. Preparing your mind with a carat size in advance will help you find the right band in your budget range. Dreaming of something and trying on real fingers are different. If you want some substantial cash to save, you can buy a ring under the regular size.

An Overview of The Different Types of Diamonds
  • Go for alternatives to diamond

There’s no saying that a diamond is the ultimate wedding ring to be gifted to your partner. You can change the monotonous concept and opt for gifting some valuable alternatives of the diamond. If you take a deep insight into diamond alternatives, you can choose moissanite as the perfect wedding ring. The best part of selecting this gemstone is that it looks like a diamond but costs half of the price of a diamond. Moreover, it looks shiner compared to the real diamond. Another alternative to diamond is morganite. This semi-precious gemstone comes in various pink shades. People are fond of buying these gemstones for their partner to gift at a wedding.

  • Buy certified stone

You must check the certification of your buying ring to know the authentication of the precious stones. As the wedding ring will be a lifetime investment, it needs to be certified from an authorized laboratory only. Never fall under the trap of dishonest sellers selling low-quality gemstones by showing the temptation to provide offers and deals. Check the certificate with the real gemstone to rectify imperfections, if required.

  • Think smartly to get some uniqueness

As traditional wedding ring has become more common, but something that makes you feel special. Recently women keep themselves refraining from buying diamonds. Rather they entirely want something more personalized, exclusive, and timeless. Instead of looking for those boring and costly rings, go for unusual yet sleek wedding rings that will never go out of fashion.

  • Take suggestions from closed ones

Shopping wedding ring for your partner is an overwhelming task! To make it easy, take help from your mutual friends who know both of you very well and recommend you as per your taste. Thus, without your friends’ engagement, shopping lonely for a wedding ring will be a total mess.

Scout around for the best buy of your wedding ring

As you are purchasing an affordable wedding ring for the partner of your life, it doesn’t reflect that you are in shortage of romance. There’s a lot to say with your style and preference of yours via the presented wedding ring. Always thrive on passing the right message and helping your soulmate to look delighted with it. Get started with Alexander Sparks and choose the perfect gemstone that you are interested in.

As buying a wedding ring means a lifetime commitment, you want to get something in hand that will never make you worry again. Feel free to buy your desirable ring at the price that you are comfortable with. Always keep in mind your preferences will reflect on your gifted ring. Thus, it’s best to take enough time to shop for the ultimate wedding ring from renowned jewelry shops like Alexander Sparks. Enjoy the full buying journey with your love and make it a lifetime memory.

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Why Your Home’s Temperature is Important and How You Can Maintain It

When trying to create the perfect living space, comfort is one of the main factors to consider.  There are many things that contribute to a home’s comfort, and temperature may be the most essential. The atmosphere in a home depends heavily on how well the temperature is maintained throughout it, and this is especially important for areas with harsh weather conditions.

Without proper temperature regulation in a home, the homeowner’s lifestyle can be significantly impacted. Your home is a space where you should be able to get work done, relax and accomplish any household tasks with ease, but with floors too cold to step on or too much humidity in the air, this may become somewhat difficult.

Nearly all homes have a thermostat keeping the temperature in check, but since this is a device that is constantly being used throughout the day, it is important to be selective regarding the kind of device you have and how well it functions. The following are some ways you can maintain the temperature within your home.

Smart Thermostat

When building a smart home, there is a set of essential devices one equips their home with first. These are gadgets that can substantially improve the functionality of your home, saving you money on electrical bills and giving you a convenient way to monitor and control the electronics within your living space. A lot of providers recommend getting these gadgets, you can see the real experience of people yourself at Gexa Energy reviews. One of the devices which can do this is a smart thermostat.

When it comes to a home’s temperature, a smart thermostat’s contribution to your comfort is the most essential. No home is complete without a device like the T9 smart thermostat, which can give you features like remote control and patterns learning for when you’re outside and cannot manually change the temperature throughout your home. By judging the temperature outside, the thermostat will create the perfect atmosphere in your home.

A home’s temperature needs to be uniform throughout for the best experience, and a smart thermostat can ensure this. Certain thermostats will even allow the temperature to be balanced between rooms and hallways, so you can be just as comfortable no matter where you are in the house.

Insulation in the Walls

A thermostat can help maintain a home’s temperature, but that isn’t always enough. There are certain areas where the weather conditions can get too harsh to even be dealt with using a smart thermostat. The heat or cold can find its way into your home through the walls, or any possible leaks in the structure of your home. There is no way to fully prevent this from happening, but you can certainly use some tricks to minimize this impact as much as possible. One of these ways is by adding insulation to the walls of your home.

By insulating the walls, you are essentially adding another layer of protection to your home against the weather outside. The heat in your home will remain trapped longer, and so will the cooling from the thermostat. It will become much more difficult for an imbalance of temperature to be created, since the atmosphere created in your home will remain the same for a longer period of time. 

Check the Windows

As mentioned previously, leaks in your home can result in weakening the functioning of your thermostat. There could be leaks in the walls, doors or windows, which can result in cold air coming in to your home and ruining the atmosphere. This may result in your thermostat having to work extra hard to maintain the temperature in your home, thus consuming a lot more electricity than is due. To avoid this, make sure to inspect these parts of your home to ensure that there are no air leaks. 

Another way windows can change your home’s temperature is by providing access to your home through the glass. Heat can especially get into your home very easily through this glass, which is why knowing when to make use of your curtains is important. You can avoid the temperature being manipulated by adding a layer of insulation in front of your windows, and this will help keep your home’s temperature balanced.

Plant Some Trees

A home exposed to the sun, rain and any other environmental occurrences is much more likely to suffer from a temperature imbalance. This is why it is important to shield it from such things. One thing which may help protect your home from harsh weather outside is sheltering it using trees or some kind of extra roof so that the heat or cold does not have direct access to your home. This can be very helpful since you will have to do this only once and your home will remain sheltered throughout the season. 

You must plant trees in a way that the temperature remains constant without affecting the visibility around your home. If you choose to do this around your windows, make sure it is done in a way that you can still monitor activity in the area.


The importance of your home’s temperature is apparent by how easily it can impact your productivity throughout the day. A thermostat that does not function properly, or a badly insulated home can result in you feeling either too hot or too cold throughout the day. Any air leaks in your home can have the same impact, which is why having it inspected can be helpful – this is especially applicable if you notice fluctuations in your home’s temperature which cannot be explained by the performance of your thermostat. 

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