Online Employment Scams: How to Save Yourself?

Although employment agencies are very helpful, in many cases you will come across complete hypocrites. You know that employment agencies may ask you about personal information, including your bank details sometimes.

If such sensitive information goes into the hands of scammers, they can use it against you. They can even rob you of the money you have in your bank. 

So, you have to be extremely alert and incredibly careful when you are conducting an online job search. The problem is that such scammers are very experienced, which makes their scamming techniques hard to spot. 

In many cases, they will use information from real organizations and may even show you real resume details. So, you might think that their job offers are convincing, while in reality, they would be no more than carefully crafted lies and scams. 

Following are some common scams and frauds that job seekers may come across. If you are a job seeker, you should be aware of these.

  • Spam Emails

Remember that you may receive emails from companies trying to present themselves as recruiters. They may look like legitimate emails sent through credible sites like Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, and others. 

Remember that credible employment agencies never use free web-email accounts. Look at how the email is written, and you may be able to spot its unprofessional nature of it. 

Also, do not open any attachments or links unless you can make sure that those are not viruses. Your system must be immune to viruses. That’s why you should always use secure browsers. 

  • Recruiters Asking for Unnecessary Personal Information and Money

If an employment agency asks you about unnecessary personal information, especially financial, or asks for unnecessary payments, it is a clear sign of a scam. Such scams could also be in the name of insurance, and you should be aware of this. 

  • Too Good to Be True Offers

If someone reaches out to you with a too easy and too-good-to-be-true job offer, chances are high that it’s a fake offer. 

How to Save Yourself from Job Scams?

The best way to save yourself from the job scams mentioned above is to rely on credible job employment agencies like Hunt International Employment Agency

Credible employment agencies do not hide anything. You should look up the employment agency you are interested in before submitting your resume on their site. Remember that you shouldn’t trust employment agencies blindly either.  


It is very common to be inundated with fake job offers while surfing through the vast online world of the internet. You might be aware of such scams. 

Every now and then you will come across people texting or emailing you with the promise of offering you your dream job. Make sure that you read such information carefully and separate fraudulent offers from real job offers.