December 15, 2021


Top 8 Newest and Hits Destinations in Labuan Bajo

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Labuan Bajo Village is famed for its natural beauty, so it is no wonder this village, located in East Nusa Tenggara, is most frequently seen by tourists. In reality, it is so famous that many foreign tourists are curious to go to this village. Natural conditions which are nonetheless maintained make the air in Labuan Bajo feel refreshing and tranquil. Additionally, this makes visitors reluctant to leave this small paradise, and you need days to move on from Labuan Bajo. For those interested in exploring the beauty of pure tourism from Labuan Bajo, here is a listing of tourist attractions you have to see while in this field.

  1. Komodo Island

While on vacation in Labuan Bajo, do not forget to visit among the world’s wonders, Komodo Island. Apart from observing the activity of the protected reptiles, you can even interact directly by feeding them. Apart from being renowned as a conservation area, this place also offers a gorgeous panorama due to its blue-green, green expanse. You can get various amazing pictures by simply taking a walk in the savanna or going to the clean and gorgeous beaches of Komodo Island.

  1. Lake Sano Nggoang

Want to feel the feeling of experience through the woods? Hidden in the mountains of this volcanic lake, its naturalness is still very well preserved. Furthermore, this lake has been said to be a habitat for endemic birds of Flores. To acquire the perfect perspective, you can observe this lake through the Golo Dewa Peak. Guaranteed the view from a height will make you amazed by the beauty of Lake Sano Nggoang.

  1. Pink Beach

Cunca Lawang is often visited by tourists who want to enjoy the scenery while feeling the cool mountain air. This nature tour presents beautiful views of giant cliffs. In Cunca Lawang there is also a waterfall that makes Cunca Lawang feel fresh. Thanks to the cliffs and steep road conditions, this place is favored by rock climbing enthusiasts.

  1. Cunca Lawang

Cunca Lawang is frequently visited by tourists who want to enjoy the scenery while also feeling the cool mountain air. This nature tour presents amazing views of large cliffs. In Cunca Lawang there is also a waterfall which makes Cunca Lawang feel brand new. Because of the cliffs and steep street conditions, this place is favored by rock climbing enthusiasts.

  1. Rangko Cave

Ranko Cave is a very suitable place to visit for those who have an adventurous spirit. In here there are various sorts of special stalactites, the view of the cave appears beautiful as a result of the incoming sunlight. Ranko Cave is fed by quite clear blue salt. So it’s incomplete for those who don’t feel the fresh sensation of water within this hidden paradise by swimming in it.

  1. Rinca Island

Rinca Island is famous for its mangrove forests that thrive and dot the shore. On this island you can’t only find the perspective of the mangrove forest but also conserve it. The significance of planting trees will certainly be quite enjoyable and beneficial for the environment later on. One more special thing about this island is that you could see firsthand the activities of the Komodo dragons.

  1. Goa Batu Cermin

This cave in Labuan Bajo does have a name that matches its uniqueness. Here you can see sunlight entering the cave, then the water from the cave will reveal it and create a beautiful view. Thanks to the careful reflection of the sun, the inside of Batu Cermin Cave looks very bright throughout the day. Therefore, you can create excellent photographs.

  1. Gili Laba

Gili Laba Island remains included in the Komodo National Park area, and this tiny island offers natural attractions from the form of savanna such as the northeast of Africa. The right time to visit this island is in the rainy season, as then the season will look green as a result of its trees and grass around it. But if you see it from the rainy season, it is still possible to view the tropical brown hills.

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Top 7 Places in Medan Worth Visiting


Medan city in North Sumatra attracts a large number of tourists for its famous destinations like Lake Toba and Bukit Lawang. But, as a melting pot of Batak, Chinese, and Tamil cultures, Medan has a lot of other places worth visiting. The following is the list of places that can go to your dream list when you’re visiting Medan.

1.  The Museum of North Sumatra

The Museum of North Sumatra is the best museum in the city and a must-visit if you would like to find out more about the history and culture of Medan. At the museum, you will find galleries that tell the narrative of the various periods of North Sumatran history and carry you through both the Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim eras and the Dutch colonial period. Additionally, there are collections dedicated to historical weaponry, textiles, farming equipment and sculptures. You will also discover some remarkable wooden coffins carved into the shapes of paintings. Overall, this is a treasure trove of background and an excellent place to learn about Medan.

2.  Tjong A Fie Mansion

Anyone who has been to Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion in Penang, Malaysia could find Tjong A Fie Mansion familiar. Tjong A Fie was a relative of Cheong Fatt Tze, hence the similarities between the two buildings. The mansion is just one of the greatest attractions in Medan and is a beautiful place to experience exactly how people would have lived in this city in the 1900s.

You can take a guided tour around the mansion which will take about an hour and hear all about the history of the site. As you walk around, be sure to check out all of the ornate decorations and the pretty garden for which the mansion is most famous.

3.  Cafe Raya

Cafe Raya is an establishment in Medan and is known as the best spot to stop for beers. Not all cafes at Medan serve alcoholic beverages, which leaves Cafe Raya a favorite for the expatriate community and also anybody looking for a quiet corner away from the bustle of the city. Found in the center of town on Jalan SM Raja, Cafe Raya also serves a range of international dishes plus some simple unsalted noodles and fried rice. As a lot of the city’s hotels and guesthouses are found along the same road, this can be a convenient place to come in the evening and relax before you turn in the evening.

4.  Vihara Maha Maitreya

Vihara Maha Maitreya is among the biggest Buddhist temples in Indonesia and a suitable spot to visit if you would like to tour all of Medan’s key religious attractions. There is a large Buddhist community in Medan, and this is an essential place of worship though visitors are also welcome to see the site. Make sure that you go to see the exquisite pools. There’s also a canteen which sells delicious vegetarian meals, so try to time your visit to match lunchtime.

5.  Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni

Also called as Our Lady of Good Health Church, Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni was opened in 2005. Dedicated to Our Lady of Good Health, this is a Catholic church, but it’s modeled on an Indian temple. There, you will be able to marvel at the ornate furnishings and the elegant and colorful effigies on display. It’s also a powerful symbol of Medan’s diversity.

6.  Kampung Keling

Kampung Keling is the Tamil part of Medan and you could be forgiven for believing that you were actually in India. The area is covered in shops selling brilliant saris and Indian jewelry. There are also a lot of Indian restaurants here that serve traditional Indian dishes. The Sri Mariamman Temple, built in 1884, can be found in this part of Medan. Make sure to look at the elaborate carvings that compose the temple roof, even as there is nothing similar to that in Medan.

7.  Rahmat Gallery

Rahmat Gallery is just one of the most unique attractions in Medan and is a fantastic choice if you would like to do something a little extraordinary. The gallery is well-known for it is filled with preserved animals, so anyone interested in taxidermy certainly shouldn’t give it a miss. The gallery is also an excellent way to look at a variety of different species that are native to Indonesia.

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Is Moneylenders safe?

How Safe Are Online Money Lenders in 2021 - Nerdynaut

It has been quite an issue of trust on the moneylenders for years. It is due to the unlicensed or Illegal money lenders present in the market. These unlicensed firms have mistreated the borrowers in the past, causing a trust issue among them. 

Here a question arises, is moneylenders safe? A licenced moneylender is government-controlled and always trustworthy. Here we have discussed some points regarding the safety of borrowing money from licenced moneylenders. 

The law governs licensed Moneylenders:

Licenced Money Lending is controlled and governed by the law. Including terms and conditions to the contract, everything is gone through government agencies and kept in the best interest of borrowers.

The Moneylenders Act protects not only the borrowers but also the loaners. It controls the unsecured loans, unauthorised firms, advertisements and gives access to borrowers to check the authentication of the firms.

Most importantly, moneylenders act to protect a borrower in the following way

  • Against any threatening action or abusive language. 
  • Requesting any kind of ID password details 
  • Withholding important documents, including ATMs, ids, Passports etc.
  • Approving the loan without examining the documents. 
  • Imposing the charges, which was not discussed at the time of the loan issue.
  • Issuing loans without giving loan contracts, etc.

Unsecured loans 

Unsecured loans are those in which the borrower has mortgaged no property or asset to the loaner in case of fault. In such scenarios, the government has restricted the loan amount to nearly six times the borrower’s income. 


Licensed moneylenders are very professional and controlled by the government. In collecting the amount, they do not harass or employ such tactics. Such repayments are handled by professional debt collectors when there is no consideration of court proceedings. These collectors are obliged to government Agencies that ensure professional behaviour in the collection of amounts. Also, Harassment or intimidating a client with or without the approval of government Agencies is unlawful activity.

Although licenced Moneylending is safe, one should know how to identify and distinguish between licenced and unlicensed firms. Also, instead of the available and accessible information, many fraud cases have been seen. To control these cases, Police have issued information about illegal moneylenders. Everyone should be aware of these. 

Scams related to Moneylending:

The best way to avoid the money lending scams is to get connected with the safest and top money lending firms, like CRAWFORT PRIVATE LIMITED.

Receiving messages from illegal organizations claiming to be a part of the licenced firm, asking for an advance amount to clear the loans.

Victims receive a PDF version of the documentation in other forms, which looks like authorized papers and are asked to pay GST payment or processing amount. 

Instructions to avoid scams:

  1. No licenced firm will send text messages or calls to public members.
  2. A loan process may start online by a licenced firm, but the approval of the individual and the documents should be done personally at the office of the licenced money lending firm as it is compulsory for the firm to have a physical office and proceed with any money lending only after the approval of the client in person. The public has to make sure that before this physical approval, they do not proceed with any kind of payment to the firm. 
  3. Public has to be careful in paying anything to money lenders before the loan is granted. These illegal firms may ask you to pay in any form, and it may be GST amount, processing fees, admin fees before the loan are granted. After the loan allotment, a licenced firm may ask you for administrative fees, but that too can be deducted from the principal loan amount. 
  4. No calls or messages should be entertained as advertisements from money lending firms. Also, such calls should be reported and blocked. 
  5. Never give out your personal details or ATM card details on such calls.

Finding a licensed money lender is very important while you are planning to take your personal loan, car loan, or any other loan because license moneylenders abide by the government regulations which perform under a set of rules. You should always check for their verification and id’s.

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